Cross a sharp LCD TV with a BenQ, what would you get? (Part3)

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After connecting all the interconnects and the PCB's, I switched on, it lit for a few sec and went off, too bright and too fast to notice any thing, I have to take a picture to see what was wrong. ( @ fast shutter speed )

So here was the main source of the problem, faulty tubes. The sharp Inverter LV feed back senses the burned tubes and switches off the inverter. Donno when this has occurred, it could be their before or might be there as a result of my second attempt, either way no one is there to complain.
The sharp Back lit is not turning off proving that it's tubes are OK.
Now I have to replace the tubes, something I haven't dream of doing before.

The tubes removal was very tricky. As I can see the tubes were quite fragile, but I was able to remove all of them without breaking a sweat.

Removed Tubes. ( quite nice I'll say, come to think of it, these are the kind of light tubes used by Jedi's as there light saber, don't you think, I can make a mini light saber
. but no saber fights with this fragile tube)

Next was to remove the sharp ones, and it goes along fine
And as I was cleaning the solder at their terminals to be assembled in the BenQ tray, it was the last tube, was very careful, but at the very last minute....crack. I broke one. So I have to replace one with a benQ tube, something I did not like since most of the tubes were dead but I have no other choice

Here is the final Assembly. And it never switched off to my delight.
Here is a pic of the BenQ TV

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