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I need someone to critique the website that I am creating. Layout, easy of use, grammar/spelling, and of course technical content is what I would like people to take a look at. My technical explanations make sense to me, especially when I work on it at 3 A.M. :cool:
I would like to see some feedback before I put too much work into it. It is on Geocities for now but given decent feedback I would like to place more content and create my own domain.

Any criticisms are welcome.


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I would suggest saving all your pages and transfering them to googlepages. Googlepages has a 100mb free of ads website service, its really great. The site seems nice, but the advertisement is a huge turn-off.
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Hi knightofsolamnus,

The explanations seem clear enough and provide accurate and concise information. A few points:

1) I would recommend you provide some white-space around your equations, it can be difficult to read if an equation is saddled either side by text.

2) Look at using an equation editor to write your equations. You could use the equation editor in Word and save the equation as a JPEG to upload.

3) There is a spelling mistake in the first paragraph of the KCL explanation: "...fields to understand Kichhoff's laws so ..."

4) The adds can be minimised from the double arrow (>>) on the sidebar, so don't worry too much about this. Some have commented in the past about Geocities reliability, but I cannot comment personally.

As I continue to muse through your site I may contact you will more comments and feedback.

Otherwise its a good start. Keep it up!