Creative Inspirea 6700 Remote Control Wiring Diagram

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    Sep 21, 2011
    Hello Everybody, I have a little problem for you , but for me it's a big problem. I have this audio system 6.1 Creative Inspire 6700 I like so much because he's bass speaker it's made by Cambridge, my problem is the remote control I don't have this. The remote control is this , I found on the internet some pictures with the PCB of this remote, he contains (Volume Potentiometer with ON/OFF Button, Bass Potentiometer, Power LED, Mother Jack for Headphones and some resitors 4 or 5) , this resisor is a little problem, I need a schematic of this PCB, and a wiring diagram for 9 Din plug from Subwoofer at Remote Control . I wait your answers thanks![​IMG]