Creating the signal required to control Nintendo 3DS with Arduino Uno

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Inspired by an automatic Pokemon shiny capturer, my friend and I are determined to make something similar. However, we had some questions with regard to the signal required to for the 3DS to detect a "button press".

In the original creators video, the following implementation was used:

The controller (Arduino micro) is connected to 3DS button logic through a level shifter since 3DS uses 1.8V logic. Implemented with a 74HC04 hex inverter, I generated a PWM signal, which is put through a low-pass filter then a buffer to obtain 1.8V in order to power the chip.
By my understanding, the Arduino is capable of outputting a PWM signal causing some confusion as to why the a hex inverter is needed to create the PWN signal.

We were also wondering if the low-pass filter is simply used to lower the voltage of the signal?

Finally, since I am having trouble finding documentation on 3DS button logic, I am also unsure of what my final output signal needs to be to be recognized as a "button press".

Any help with our project would be greatly appreciated!


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Like it says the hex inverter is used as a level shifter, power it at 1.8v and you will get 1.8V out even if you put 5Vin. The Arduino is doing the PWM.

I couldn't be bothered to watch the video (I much prefer a written description to a video) so I'm not sure what the low pass filter is used for.


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