crating a persistent static arp map in win 7 pro

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    Jul 29, 2010
    on a related topic i want to create an arp entry in windows 7 pro. so that i can map a ip to a mac on a system that i use remotly. (i could do static but i want to be able to swap os with removeable drives.) i want it to be percistent across reboots i googled how to do this they said use a script setup by GPO localy. i created one and put it in a startup script gpo but when i went to use the arp command to verify it or type arp and enter it just acts like it is running an enless batch file. i even added exit and did a gpupdate /force to see if it made a difernce but it didn't. i currently have the script disabled.
    this is what i put in the script the 2nd ip to mac map is for a second nic on the system i remote to incase i dicide i need it for some reason. i put rem in front of it so it should be ignored. it didnt work properly before and stiil doesnt even with exit it apears to keep running. this is the script batch file contents.

    arp -a 00-07-E9-CF-AE-C6 192.168.XX.246
    rem arp -a 00-A0-4B-03043080 192.168.XX.245
    where the Xs are in the ip represints a digit 1 digit per X.
    any ideas on a problem with this script or is there somthing else besides the script that i need to adress? i cant see why it would make a difernece if it was a startup or logon script.
    i prefer logon because then any acount on this sytem will get the map. i have a small network with dhcp from a router and these adresses are autside of the DHCP scope as well as having no conflicts.
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    What is the name of your batch file?

    Also, "arp -a" queries arp entries; "arp -s" adds an arp entry to the table.
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    Jul 29, 2010
    oh thats right i was using the wrong switch. thinking a ment add.
    thanks that would explain it.