CPU usage & temperature!

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  1. Eric007

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    Aug 5, 2011
    Hi All

    I have this annoying problem:

    When I scroll up/down a word, pdf file...(basically any application) CPU usage and temperarture rises dramatically...and especially when im on the internet...page loading...replying to a AAC thread...

    I'm close to breaking this notebook but this is all I have for now...planning on buying one soon...

    Any help
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  2. sbixby

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    May 8, 2010
    Unless I'm missing something.... that's the way things work.

    When a PDF reader or browser is rendering graphical output based on the content it's trying to show, there's a lot of processing activity going on.

    When nothing is happening, the CPU is spending the bulk of it's time just idling, so the temps/activity go back down to idle to suit.

    What do you consider "dramatic"? Do you know for sure the temps are critical, or do you just consider the rise to be unusual? If the CPU really is overheating, most modern computers have built-in circuitry to detune or stop the CPU to avoid actual temperature damage.

    If your system really is having overheating issues, then you could consider taking the cases off, vacuuming all the collection of dust, etc, and if possible, remove your CPU heat sinks, clean up the thermal transfer pad/grease and apply some new paste. This may or may not solve your problems, but it's a common fix to deal with temperature problems.

    The graphics chip too probably has a heatsink, and a remove/clean/paste cycle here will probably help too.

    On a final note, there are a few brands out there with overheating issues that have been bad enough to soften the GPU chips' solder joints - there are a few (dozen) videos on YouTube of people fixing these issues. I haven't looked lately, and AAMOF I have my mom's old laptop here with issues, but I'm too lazy & busy to have tried to fix it up.
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  3. electronis whiz

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    Jul 29, 2010
    I would have to agree somewhat with sbixby. i would think some diference would be expected, but not sure how much difernece your talking about. from my experince isues like this are comon with some laptops because of there size. i have hered of some people having isues where the CPU was geting into about the 120 celcius range. the heatsinks are likley fairley small in the laptop and jsut a little dust could have a big efect. also is your cooling fan running? i would recomend trying speedfan. this is a freeware program that will monitor temps and create alarme for over temp isues, as well as alows you to control the fan speeds. elese mayby look at cooling pads to set it on. these are usaly usb powered fans that hellp cool off the system.
  4. Llamarama

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    Feb 1, 2010
    I'd suggest cleaning the heatsinks. When I went to clean mine after a few months of light usage in a pet free home with few carpets, all the heatsinks were covered in a layer of fine white dust. After cleaning them carefully with an antistatic brush and a can of compressed air all was well again. What brand laptop is it? Some post service and maintenence guides online and these are very useful for making sure there are no "spare" screws at the end of the job :)