Coupling in multilayer microstrip

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    May 22, 2012
    I have question about coupling in multilayer microstrip.

    I've read some books about coupling that include extraction of capacitance for even-mode and odd-mode (The basic theory with mutual and self capacitance!!). Also i've read about ''broadside-cupled lines'' (from ''RF and Microwave coupled line cicuits''), so i have some basic knowledge.

    What would happen if i rotate the second conductor(90 degrees), for example in broadside-coupled line(or even beter in 3 layer microstrip(Conductor+Conductor+Ground)), and add a loop on it .I assume it would be no-coupling, at least not with the electrical field component but what with the magnetic field? in fact i don't understand why they don't analyse mutual inductance? ).

    Any literature that have a similar structure described here?