counter controlled siren alarm circuit required

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I want to know that the extension of the 3-bit binary counter
so that it can count 9999 digits and display.
And what ammendments or addition of componenets make it possible ?
And use the specific digits (at 9 then at 10 then at 20 then at 120 & at 1120
{Using addition of 10^n ,n=0,1,2,3,4,5 to digit 9 & the to the result obtained by
this type of addition}
the output is given to a siren alarm in the form of input to alarm and it will give
the beep????????

Would you please send me the complete circuit diagram on my e-mail address
As soon as it is possible wednesday 10-06-2009.

please send it today or atleast tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
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This is not where you ask technical questions. We also don't use email, we use our forums. Registration is free and easy, but if you are depending on a site like this to save you you should have started sooner.

Having said all that, there is a homework section. Register and repost there, here the thread is likely to be shut down.


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You should understand that we help with questions and projects, but do not do work to order. It is your assignment/project, and you should be the one doing the designing and building.