Counter 7493 ?

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Use SN7493 and build the following circuits using the unique features of this chip.
1. Decade counter.
2. 0 - 5 count
3. 0 - 7 count
4. 0 - 1 count
Provide a description of your circuits and why they work the way they do.

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Have you looked at the datasheet for this counter? You can obtain the datasheet for the 7493 and 74LS93 from the Texas Instruments website. Look at the schematic for the counter and the truth table, this will help you in answering the questions.

Tip: You need to take an output from one of the 'Q' outputs and feed this into one of the reset inputs, this will cause the counter to revert to zero rather than continue counting to the point where the flips-flops "roll-over" to zero. The other input to the reset AND gate within the counter needs to be at logic low, when it is not asserted.

Now have a go, build or simulate various configurations and see the result. For a counter like this, you can even simulate on paper, using a truth table or draw a timing diagram.

Have fun!