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I am working on a project and I am not an experienced or knowledgeable electronics designer.I started trying to do this using the basic stamp from parrallex, but found some things too limited about its use.My circuit is basically five led lights that blink on and off in a random pattern,and there is a speed setting that enables the flashing of the lights to go faster or slower.There is also three settings that enable only certain lights out of the five to blink.and finally there is a rythym setting in the circuit that either staggers the flashing of the lights or sets them in an even flow of blinking.I think I need a microcontroller and a keypad and an lcd and then a program to make it all work.I was wondering if any of you can point me in the right direction.(one question I have is what computer programming language does an eeprom chip need to be programmed in?)If anyone wants to work on this with me, I have a small amount of money I can devote to this if we can work some things out. Thank you all for listening.-your friend Ged


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Which Basic Stamp are you using?

Even the BS1 should have enough "horsepower" to do what you require in this project. After all, it doesn't take a lot of speed or power just to flash LEDs in different patterns.

Do a Google search on "Charlieplexing". It's a technique that was developed by an engineer named Charlie at Dallas/Maxim. Very handy for controlling lots of LEDs from a microcontroller using just a few pins.