Cosmic Prominade

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I've been watching this for the past couple weeks, and it's been spectacular. And, it just gets better throughout March!

For those (like me) who don't like to follow links:

Watch the western sky at dusk every day for the next week, as Jupiter and Venus close their gap. By next Sunday, from our earthly perspective, the planets will be within 3 degrees of each other through Ides of March (March 15). The planets seem to pass one another in mid-month, as Venus climbs higher in the west and Jupiter becomes the lower planet in the sky.
The young, thin crescent moon climbs into the western sky March 23. You may be able to spot it at dusk March 24. This three-day-old moon snuggles up to Jupiter on March 25, and then dances with Venus on March 26.


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Always been a big fan of Carl Sagan, I've watched just about everything to do with the "Universe" on tv.
last night I watched a detailed version of the Hubble story from beginning to end.
It just gets better and better, thanks for link.


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I've been keeping an eye on them too. I still haven't seen Mercury but Venus is so bright that I've seen it before the sun has set.