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Firstly, Can anybody suggest me the best way(other than a diffferentiator or integrator using OP-AMP) to produce a cos wave ( of same frequency and amplitude) from a sine wave.

Secondly , how can i add a d.c level to an a.c signal(sine wave) other than by using a diode clamper or by OP-AMP clamper.actually i want an exact signal clamped to a d.c level so the procedure should not involve the use of a capacitor


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:) Hi Boss,
Hope you are aware that a cos wave is just the same wave which is leading the sine wave by 90deg. ie, when your sine wave is at zero cos wave is at full amplitude and viceversa. I dont know what stops you from using an op-amp differentiator to achieve this?? Any way one another way is that make one more oscillator which is triggered by your first sine wave, adjust the delay or trigger point so as to get exact delay in the second wave.

you can just add low impedence DC supply in series with your AC source. The problems will be like this, whenever you turn off the AC source the DC value alone start appearing across the load.(and I am not sure what your load is gonna be)

The best way is to make a non inverting op-amp gain block and keep the reference(inverting terminal) at the potential of the DC value that you want to add.Take the out put with reference to ground. Here you dont require any capacitors.

good luck :)