correct me if i'm wrong, i think i saw an error

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    Correct if me I'm wrong, but I think there's an error on the table on topic "Absolute dB scales" "Table:absolute power levels"

    -Power in dBm of 0.001 milliwatts is supposed to be -30dBm not -20dBm
    -Power in dBm of 0.0001 milliwatts is supposed to be -40dBm not -30dBm
    -Power in dBm of 0.00001 milliwatts is supposed to be -50dBm not -40dBm

    Hope to see any reaction to this. Thanks.

  2. nanovate

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    May 7, 2007
    Yes that you are correct. It looks like they added one too many zeros under the Power in mW. It went from 0.1 to 0.001...
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    Thanks for bringing this error to our attention. It has been fixed in the master copy at You can see the corrected image here:

    You have been listed as XOY(at) in the contributors list (at ibiblio). If you would like to be listed under your real name please contact me by clicking on my name, above left.

    Dennis Crunkilton