corner freq

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hi guys
is there anybody that can point me in the wright direction as i am struggling to get this question on a current assignment the question is as follows !

using the mid range gain as a reference i.e let it represent 0db ,work out the corner freq at 3 db down !! :confused: can some shed some light on this plz ?


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It sounds like you may be working with a band pass filter. You don't say, but you should. If you were to google "band pass filter" I'm sure you'd get more than you could assimilate but there's probably a good Wikipedia article on the subject and there may be something on the subject in the AAC ebook (links at the top of this page). There are lots of interesting terms used in the realm of filter design such as "corner frequency", "bandwidth", upper and lower "cutoff frequency", "rolloff", "half power point", etc. that you could look up if you were interested.