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hello every body.
As an educational project i want to design and construct a repetitive charge and discharge pulsed power supply for a X-ray source wich works on the basis of discharging a 10-15 kv - (1.5-2 joules) capacitor energy in to a gas discharging chamber . I'm going to use a voltage multiplier with an input ferrite 10/1000 transformer and a 15 stage voltage multiplier .
-The frequency of gas discharge may be restricted to max =20Hz.
-As an input to ferrite transformer, I'm going to use a DC-AC switching mode inverter with F=15Kz .with an input 12VDC .
the questions are:
1-what is your whole opinion about the method?
2-Is there any rule for determining the capacity of the stage capacitors?
3-While I simulate a sample circuit model in pspice with 10 stage (each having 1000pf capacitor) with a 1kv-10kz sin voltage source , it seems that the output is saturated in about 300v (which seems to be wrong).


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First, it's "Cockcroft–Walton".

Second, I don't know if this discussion on high voltage will be allowed to continue. This board is primarily oriented towards hobbyists with beginning to moderate levels of experience, and working with such high voltage is not really something a beginner should be attempting.

We'll have to wait for a Moderator to voice their opinion.


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This thread violates several issues with our Terms of Service (link at bottom of page) concerning safety, so I am closing it.

High voltage can be OK to discuss, but you are wanting extremes. Such extremes are dangerous in and of themselves.

X-Rays cause long term cumulative damage, and they can kill or worse.

This is not personal, I hope you will continue to visit AAC, but we have people of all ages and technical skills. Circuits and technologies that can reach out and hurt people are not allowed here.
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