Copyright question about posting images

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Not sure where to ask this, so please move if needed.

I just have a question about if I wanted to post a question and include a snapshot or two of a pdf from a data sheet that is available online, is this ok? Or is it better to just post a link with the page I am referring to?



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If you dont change the images, or the content, and provide a link, you are not breaking copyright. If you were to say you took the picture, or tried to sell it, you would be.

The best is to link to the page or attach the datasheet.


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It is called the "fair use exception" (

You may reproduce limited parts of a copyrighted work for a variety of purposes. As retched said, just be sure to properly cite the source.

Remember too, copyright just gives the author the right to protect his/its work in the civil courts. If the owner does nothing to enforce it, then nothing will happen. In the case of product information, such as a datasheet, it is unlikely the owner would see much benefit in suing you for making their product more available.