Converting Video signal in to digital components

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The problem
I have a standard CRT television with digital component inputs. The problem is that only a few products(ex. PS2) were ever produced to use these inputs. I believe the industry standard is analog components now. I am looking to utilize these inputs with my computer so I can get a better picture out of my television however a converter does not exist for vga->digital component or DVI->digital component.

I am a novice with circuits and but I am willing to learn, infact im taking a few classes at my college right now on this stuff. I am trying to gauge the difficulty of this project. Any input here would be grateful.

I have been doing a bit of research and it looks like VGA is analog and DVI is digital. Would be better to start with the DVI source as its already digital? I have attached a link at the bottom for references to converting different sources. I see that there are mathematical formulas with converting, does this mean a microprocessor would be needed? Analog Component Digital Component