converting the square waveform to a sine waveform

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well i got the output of a inverter as somewhat square waveform is it possible for me to convert the same o/p to a sine wave by using a L and C component


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Square waveform is formed by many sine waveforms. You can convert sine waveform with simple RC or LC Low Pass Filter.

Try to use cut off frequency little higher than waveform frequency. You will receive sine waveform with same period with square waveform.


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While an RC lowpass filter can be used with very low power signals there is no way it can practically be used with power sources. I suppose you could design a filter that used only L and C but even then it would not be practical as those would be huge components. Those solutions are just not practical in real life.

One possible approach is to use PWM with the output and then filter *that* which requires much smaller filters.