Converting Byte Array to Unsigned long Array

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Can some one help me to convert the following byte array to unsigned long array

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uint8_t data [8] = { 0x67 , 0x45 , 0x32 ,  0x01 ,  0xEF ,  0xCD ,  0xAB ,  0x89 };
I need to convert it to :
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 unsigned long data [8] = { 0x01234567 , 0x89ABCDEF };


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Use a union:

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typedef union
  uint8_t data8[8];
  unsigned long data32[2];


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How that behaves is going to depend on the endiness of the machine -- this is geared to a little-endian machine.

Also, I don't know that the size of a long is rigidly fixed at 32 bits versus just having a minimum width of 32 bits. It would be better to use something like uint32_t, instead.

Finally, this won't work for the values given by the OP, though I suspect the cause is a simple typo.