Converting an A/C motor into D/C

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If anyone could help with this....

I am trying to convert either a 115 volt or 220 volt condenser fan motor into a DC motor that will run my bicycle... what would I need to make the conversion...
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"Condenser fan" is an end use, not a motor type. Can you provide the manufacturer and part number?

If this is a shaded pole motor or a capacitor start motor, it will be prohibitively difficult to convert to DC. (Easier to build a new DC motor from scratch than to convert.) If this is a universal motor, (and many condenser fan motors are) no conversion will be necessary. "Universal" means it will run on either AC or DC. (Sourcing the 115vDC might be problematic, though.)


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Agreed on all points regarding the conversion. I work with this kind of gear every day, and find it amusing, because there ain't a condenser fan motor out there with enough cajones to drive a bicycle anyway :D