Converting a Pentium

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    Oct 30, 2008
    hi i am a newbie...

    after reading through the thread i now that....a micro controller has so many things like i/o, ram, rom etc..,...

    my question is if i hav a micro processor...say an old pentium2 can i convert it into a microcontroller...if so how can i do it???
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    Apr 20, 2004
    It can be quite confusing when you tack a post onto an expired thread instead of starting a new one.

    This is a link to the original thread -

    The simple answer is no. Read the requirement for supporting a Pentium processor. My old Pentium 2 works better as a key fob.Among other things, you would have to write your own custom operating system from scratch with no support tools.

    Depending on your requirement, a PIC or AVR microcontroller would be much more likely to work. If you need something more processor-like, then consider a design based on the Z80 or the 8051 core.