Converting 50 amp circuits to 220 outlets

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Thanks for reading...I'm not even sure if this is the right place to ask, but here goes:

My girlfriend is running a catering/baking service from home. We're looking to hook up 6 ovens to run. We have a room that has two 50-amp circuits. The question is how to I safely convert the two 50-amp circuits into six 220 outlets?

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How much current does each oven require? If you dont know the curent, then what is the power consumption of each oven.

For a 240-VAC device;

AMPS = POWER / 240

First, you must determine if the two 50-Amp breakers will handle the six ovens.

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The amp ratings of ranges can be de-rated, based on the assumption that they will not all be on simultaneously, drawing maximum load for each.

Check the 2005 NEC 220.55, Electric Ranges and Other Cooking Appliances - Dwelling Unit(s)

Use the table to calculate the adjusted load. You must know the KW rating of each of the ovens (usually printed on the back of the appiance): and you must know this, as n9xv said, to know if two 50amp circuits will be sufficient for all six of your ovens.

If, and ONLY if, the two 50amp circuits are sufficient, then run two parrallel circuits, balancing the load between them. In other words, if all 6 ovens have the same rating, put 3 on each circuit.