converting -1.5,1.5 to -5,5 volt ....plz enter

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    Sep 25, 2007
    amplfying voltage 1.5 to 5 volt is very easy using one amplifier ....but
    can i get o/p voltage -5 and 5 from tow 1.5 dc battery source using also one amplifier.??
    i think it cant be don.ratio between feedback resistor and input resistor
    is 3.3 according to our condition .and the output votlage of either non or invering amplifier will depend on one input to the amplifier if input is -or + .if our input is +1.5 to the inverting amplifier we get -5v, so if we wont +5 volt we have to use another inverting amplifier and input to it -1.5, so output result +5 we have -5 and +5 volt using tow amplifier ,and of course you will need more area on your Project board for this tow amplifier.
    guys consider this as chating >>any response would be appreciated
  2. Papabravo


    Feb 24, 2006
    No, you can't do that. Most amplifiers can only swing from the negative rail to the positive rail. In your case that would be from -1.5V to +1.5V

    In order to get a higher voltage you need a DC-DC Converter. In your case it would be a boost converters. There is no free lunch however and the penalty for raising the voltage is that the available current at the high voltage is less than the current available at the low voltage.
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    Dec 20, 2007
    Nobody attached a shematic so we don't know what you are talking about.