Converter - From Spice Netlist to Schematic view

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Hello All who can help me!

I am a student of State Univercity of Moscow. I am writing Diploma work .
I find these forum of Cadence company while searching the name of my Diploma in Google.
I am not a member of Cadence Company .
I have to create Converter , which will convert ONLY digital standard cells' netlist view into schematic file.
The input file is schematic netlist --- > for example some netlist of NAND schema,with 3 inputs:

mp1 sp1 A1 VDD VDD
mp2 sp1 A2 VDD VDD
mp3 Z sp1 VDD VDD
mn2 sn2 A2 VSS VSS
mn1 sp1 A1 sn2 VSS
mn3 Z sp1 VSS VSS

I : the names of NMOS and PMOS transistors, II: Drain connection , III: Gate connection, IV:Source , V: Bulk

From such discription of schematic the program which I am going to create will generate transistor level schematic view (hierarchic or flat (my choose)).As the work will be done only for standard digital circuits , I think the view will be flat, as there is no hierarchi for example in drawing Multiplexer.

I consider , the Cadence Tools are not open source , so I won't be able to get access to them .
I also try to get access to Spice Vision Pro program, it seems it does such converting.

Could you help , give any advise , how to start work of writing such program!

Thanks in advance,