Convert O to 10V into 4 to 20mA circuit diagram required

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Hi Friends;
    I have a out of 0 to 10 volt corosponding with frequency 0 1500 hz.
    At 0 frequency it gives me 0 volt at 750 hz it give me 5 volt and at 1500 hz it give me 10 volt. Now i want to convert 0 to 10 v into 4 to 20mA signal. I want at 0 volt it gives me 4 mA and at 10 volt it gives me 20 mA.
    I connect this circuit with GE FUNAC analog current ALG223.
    This module gives me 24 volt dc as power for the circuit.
    I already connect 3 pressure Transmitters as under
    24 V dc connect to +ve terminal of Transmitter and -Ve terminal of transmitter connect to channel number of the module.
    Now please guide me how i convert 0 to 10 volt signal into 4 to 20ma?
    I attached a image of module wiring as i do for pressure transmitter.
    After see that i want to nake a circuit for 0 to 10 v into 4 to 20mA but connect like module as shown.
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    Jun 7, 2009
    your best bet would be to search Red Lion or similar for a signal converter.