convert capacitance signal to voltage signal

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    Mar 12, 2009
    I'm an engineering faculty undergraduate, and new to this field. i m using HCH-1000 Capacitive Humidity Sensors for my project. now I'm facing a problem to connect it with PIC.
    i would like to know that how to interface this sensor with PIC micro controller. could you please suggest me a circuit diagram that can be used to connect humidity sensor HCH-1000-001 with the PIC 16f877a.

    or simply could you please suggest a circuit to convert capacitance signal to voltage signal
    capacitance varies in a range from 300 to 370 pF
    the required out put voltage is 2V-5V

    thank you
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    You could use the sensor as part of an oscillator and feed o/p to a frequency-to-voltage converter.

    Or you could charge the sensor with a constant current source for a precise time interval and then sample voltage.

    Or you could use the sensor as part of a capacitive voltage divider with AC applied, and run the o/p through an RMS converter.

    Or you can do this:
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