convert 1-10V controller output to 0-10V input

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I have a 1-10V output signal that I need to convert to 0-10V for a device that cannot sink current but needs a 0-10V signal
The 1-10V ouput needs current sinking , but the input 0-10V cannot sink current , so I need to convert
I Suppose the 1-10V controler output can sink 2-4 mA at max which is my input signal
and the equipment to be controled needs 0-10V voltage type signal


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Below is a circuit with LTspice simulation that converts 1V-10V to 0V-10V
I used two op amps so that the offset (from the voltage divider R2-R3) can be easily adjusted independent of U2's gain.
The op amps must be single-supply or rail-rail types if a negative supply voltage is not available.

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This, calculator Excel sheet attached. Examples -

Calculated values I got for a Vref of 12.

Vref 12
VoFS 10
VoZS 0
ViFS 10
ViZS 1
m 1.111111
b -1.11111
Rf 100000
Rg 900000
Rg2 4900
Rg1 895100
Vref' 0.999453
R1 53932.19

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THank you all for your suggestions
I believe Crutschow had a good idea which I keep for next time
for now I found another equipment giving me directly 0-10V output
but with a current sink need which I bring with 22k on 10V supply