Controls for hurricane shutters

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I'm repairing a ground fault on a shutters nuetral to ground. My options for repair can be to run a new wire, consisting of a nuetral a ground and both switch legs for an up position and down or tap off another shutter adjacent to the one and allow its single pole double throw swith to control both shutters at one time. The contractor would much rather me run off the other shutter to avoid destruction of sheet -rock and stucco,ect.. I have verified that the swich that controls the adjacent shutter can handle the opperating ampacity of the two working together. No problem with the ampacity. So I proceeded to fix the problem by attaching the shutters to the same switch. This seemed to work. The shutter switch is called a tora switch( Brand Name) it has a forward and reverse and an on off toggle. The person assisting in the repair who is responcible for opening the shutter housing for warrenty reasons says the shutters wont work off one switch with out an ice cube relay. I had both working off of the one switch but as one approched full open position the other lags by 2 seconds moters are differnt sizes for different size windows. Again the shutters works in going all the way up and down regardless of the lag between their landing times. Also these shutter motors have a limit switch controling the motors opperation by turning power off when it has arrived at its destination. the complaint the shutter guy made was that we an ice cube relay to regulat the shutters stopping point to not make difference upon each other by allowing the relay to continue feeding the second motors which was lagging to continue opperation without the power still maintaining a presence at the already landed motor . Ifind this to be dramatic in it need, based on the fact that the mototrs themslves have built in limit switch tell the motor to stop running after arriving at their destination. My question is am I not understanding the benifit of the ice cube relay in this situation or is this shutter guy trying to sell a useless part to the home owner. Any feed back on this is appreciated


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If the shutters both work up & down, controlled by limit switches, I see no problem. Put the ice cube in your drink & enjoy.