controlling DC motors

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I have a 24V 68W power supply, and 2 12V 30W motors that I need to power. It is more important that the first motor is at max power all the time and the second is not so important. How do I set this up?


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Seeing that you have:
1- 24 volt supply
2- 12 volt motors

You might be tempted to wire the two 12-volt motors in series, but you'll need to make sure that current flow isn't interrupted.

Connect an ohmmeter across the terminals of a motor. Turn the motor shaft very slowly for at least one complete revolution. If at any point you read an open circuit for either motor, you will not be able to wire them in series.


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I assume that I would use a voltage divider to supply 12 across each motor in parallel?
You will want to avoid trying to drop the voltage to the motor using a resistor divider. The motor will not be able to develop any torque.