Controlling 3 DC motors with PIC microcontroller

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    This may be rather a simple question for some but it is the first major project that I have undertaken - Up to now I have worked with pre-made circuits - now I have to start from scratch.

    I have a project where I need to control 3 DC motors in both directions (no speed control required). The motors are just cheap and simple 3v toy motors and are part of a kids toy.

    I have to use a PicAxe-18 chip to control these motors and I believe that I will need a motor controller - a L293D? What I understand is that I will need 2 of these since I need to control 3 motors and each L293D can control 2 motors.

    Is there anyone that can give me a starter with the circuit for this project. It is not course work. I am programmer and trying to get into the 20th century (maybe 21st sometime later) using PicAxe chips. My electronics skills are limited but can follow instructions!

    Sorry for the vagueness of the request - Robert
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    You can control 4 dc motors using one l293D in single direction. If you want to drive 3 motors in both directions then you Will need 2 l293d drivers.
    Check this link for controlling DC motor in both direction using a Microcontroller.

    L293D Motor driver circuit and logic


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