Controlling 14 BLDC motors Simultaneously

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    Apr 7, 2010
    I want to control 14 BDLC motors for three different Functional application simulataneous. I have programmed & simulated dsPIC33FJ32MC204 Controller for every motor in proteus 7.10. Now I want to command and control all these motors from single USB 3.0 or high speed 2.0 from PC.

    Which approach will be best?

    1. From all 14 motors I programme I2C data bus to single microcontroller board which transfers data with help of UART(USB) to PC.

    2. I should program a 14 port usb hub and from all motors data is transfered through UART to that HUB and from HUB to PC.

    I want control of every joint on windows platform, so that many algorithms can be tested, programmed and managed in .Net easily.

    If 2 option is better then please tell how prepare a usb hub with Help of Microchip microcontroller,

    If 1 option is better then please tell which microcontroller should used for this work.

    Thank You.