Controller with 2 Pot input ?

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    Aug 28, 2012
    Hello to Everyone or whoever reads this - I hope ( first post here )

    Im looking for a way I can use a 10k rotary pot and rheostat ( finger throttle ) to control and vary the speed output such as the sort youd find a on mobility scooter .

    I had wanted to use this to control 1 or 2 ( depending on the size ) small motors to achieve high torque ,low speed ratio for a mobility vehicle Ive been trying to build that can serve in traditional sense while also being able to go offroad ,

    if your interested you can read more about this here

    My problem however is that all the controllers Ive been looking at or had considered ( Kellys mini for a brushless hub or RoboeQ's for the CIMs ) all seem to only allow for one type of pot input rather than two I would need.

    I know this possible or assume it is because almost all mobility scooters have this setup of a pot and rheostat yet Im having trouble finding any that can fit my needs.

    Is this something then exclusive to each brand of mobility scooter or is there some way its possible to adapt or use this with a brushed or brushless motor ?


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    Nov 30, 2010
    What do you want these 2 controls to do?