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i am new to the site and not an electronics whiz, so bear with me.
i need some advice on what speed controllerto use for the motor shown here;
the "off the shelf" controllers i have seen online are far out of my price range, so i have been looking around at kits. most of the kits i have been able to find are for low volts- low amp applications.
i was wondering if anyone here has found or made their own for use with a motor like the one i have.
please remember the first line in my post when responding
any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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The link failed to produce results. There was a time when you could purchase a kit and actually save money. That time has long passed. Automated manufacturing drives the cost and quality of assembled units down to the price of buying the components themselves in small quantities. You cannot duplicate the manufacturers economies of scale by buying the parts and doing the assembly yourself. Reread the first line of your original post and ask yourself what the probability of success might be in this endeavor.

You have to make an assessment of the utility of the result or the utility of the cash.

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I've had good results building my own DC motor speed controllers. I use surplus components. I don't begrudge the time spent, as electronics is my hobby and therefore considered fun. Some people pay extra for fun, but not me. :)

An AC motor controller is another animal entirely. I just use pulleys and a belt. :cool: