Control two DC motors with a PIC

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Hello again :)

I would like to control two LEGO motors (the powerful model) through a PIC. I'm not quite sure if it will be necessary to control the speed. I'm going to connect the engines to some tank-like tracks. I hope it will work with just full forward or reverse, but if it won't make the movement smooth enough I suppose I could use some sort of PWM arrangement to control the speed.

I'm not sure how to construct the motor circuit. I've found a schematic over a circuit that did something like this. However it looked very advanced to me, not the schematic itself but it used a lot of componentes (opto-isolators etc) which I don't have. I would like if there's some easy way to easily change the direction of the engine.

* Do I really need an opto-isolator to make the circuit stable?

* What the difference between a normal transistor and a FET when using it with a PIC and a motor? I only have normal transistors right now, do I risk burning my PIC if use them?

* How would the circuit schematic look for this to be done? :)

* Can a tank be done without speed control?