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Hi to all,
I'm a newbie on electronics and in need of some help.
We were tasked to design a simple control system project.
And I would like to hear some suggestions if it's not too much of a hassle.
We aren't really taught practical stuff in class, but the professors still task us with projects we never really learned of. So I hope i can reach out to the allaboutcircuits community for assistance. ^_^

I know how to use PICs, filters, regulators, amplifiers, light and sound sensors and most of the basic stuff.
I'm still learning receivers, transmitters, flash drives, multiplexers and am willing to learn new stuff.

Btw, in the past, I've made a power supply, a two-stage amplifier, and a multitester using a PIC chip. I'm also currently working on a FM receiver and transmitter.


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a control 'system' may consist of ;
- bringing the process up from a powered down state, or simply 'power on'.
- driving the process toward a steady state
- detecting and alerting in the event of excessive errors
- provide manual intervention of process variables
- bringing the process down to a rest state, or simply a 'power off'

In industry, an additional component of safety wraps the entire 'system'.

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ok then just ignore the control sytem part. I want to make an electronics project that's slightly above controlling a light bulb with a switch and makes use of IC's.


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Hi yuanshikai,

How about a control system that heats up a thermal mass to a specified temperature? You would learn a ton by doing this project, which is why your prof is having you do projects. Learn by doing.

The sketch attached is a simple control loop between a heat generator and a heat temperature sensor. You get to learn about power drivers, thermistors, or electronic sensors, PID filters and there function and how heat travels in a heat conductor like a transistor heatsink.

It should also be fun to do.

Good Luck,