Continues Servo motor controller HELP

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How to make a controller for my converted servo motor to continues rotation

so that i can control the speed and forward/reverse of the motor,(no programming)

i researched online and i found out about the lm555 timer IC but the two functions i want is made with two different circuit. i want to be able to use it in one circuit..

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Continuous rotation servos (hobby RC servos) are controlled in the same manner as a standard servo. Pulses of varying widths are applied every 20ms. These pulses vary from ~1300μs to ~1700μs.
* 1300μs rotates clockwise
* 1500μs stopped
* 1700μs rotates counterclockwise

To modify the servo speed, intermediate values of the pulse widths are used. For example, a width of 1475μs rotates the motor clockwise slowly.

The following link describes this with a picture as well:

This can be done with two 555s. The first 555 is wired as an astable oscillator running at 50Hz. It triggers a second 555 wired in monostable mode. A pot is used with this portion of the circuit to vary the pulse width. One such circuit can be found on the Seattle Robotics Society site.

Hope this helps.
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