construct a simple ALU using 4 given components

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    Feb 25, 2013
    Hi guys I'm new to this forum hello all.
    so I'm doing a 100 level simple ALU circuit(2's complement), and I'm on the final step, just to connect 4 components into 1 ALU component. the desired outcome is like this( attached pic 1)

    and I have these 4 components to play with: a 4-bit full adder, CMPL,CP4, and OV.
    CMPL CP4 and OV are made by me, the 4 bit adder is in the software

    here's what these 3 components that I made do:
    CMPL: if cm is 0, show original value of d0d1d2d3, if cm is 1, show d0'd1'd2'd3' (flip all)

    CP4:if all input are 0, eq0=1, if most important digit(a3) is 1(2's comp, means nagative) lt0=1

    OV:where s(3) is the sign bit of the result and a(3) and b(3) are the sign bits of the operands. show if there's overflow or underflow.( simply, show 1 if a3=1 b3=1 and s3=0 or a3=0 b3=0 and s3=1)

    and pic2 is what I got so far, I'm pretty confused about the order, port names, plz help.
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    Please help... what?

    I don't see a question anywhere.

    You've done a pretty nice job of describing what you are trying to do and what you have done -- thank you very much for that, it's surprisingly rare to see.

    But now you just need to finish it off and figure out how to phase a question that gets at the heart of what you are confused or unsure about.