constant voltage speaker system

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i have a lab gruppen fp14000+ amplifier and 12 units of EV Sx300. I wanted to experiment to use the constant voltage system to use one amplifier with these 12 units. I have a little idea how this system works and how to select correct units for the transformers to operate this system. And i don't exactly know if i can use the lab gruppen amplifier to operate such system.

I am worried to blow up things.

Can anyone help me to select correct transformers...


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transformers?? For what??

Its an amp and speakers.. Plug in Amp to wall socket, attach speakers, attach line in signal..

Not sure what transformers or constant voltage have to do with this at all??
You didn't put your country in your profile so maybe you don't have 230/115VAC ??


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Constant voltage systems are used in PA systems that have to drive a large number of loudspeakers around offices and buildings.

To use a typical low impedance output audio amplifier you will need a step up transformer to match the 8Ω output impedance of the amplifier to the 70V system.

Google 70V system or see this: