connecting to a domain via a wireless router

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    Nov 18, 2010
    Hi All,

    I had a look through your website and google and couldn't find anything suitable or maybe I didn't get it?!

    Anyway, here's the situation:
    We have a Windows/Novell network with one Server running Windows 2003 and the old Novell one. I know, this is pretty much an outrage in this day and age, but we have an old piece of software that needs the old novell server...
    We also have a couple of Laptops that aren't part of the domain but are connected to a router that is used to provide internet for a few computers on the network.
    All machines run Windows XP or Novell via a boot disk...

    I would like the laptops to be able to access one specific folder and the printers on the domain network.
    However, as you might imagine, I have trouble doing so.
    I was able to set up a local pdf printer on one of the machines on the domain network and connect to it with a laptop. also setting up a local folder to be seen on the router network worked fine, although, for some reason this didn't work on all computers. It's not a software firewall problem, maybe you know what I could be missing.

    Anyway, i really would like to be able to connect to the printers and a folder on the server(which is not and shouldn't be connected to the router). Is there a way to to this?

    thanks for any suggestion!
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    Nov 9, 2007
    This forum is about electronics.

    This one is more appropriate:

    I would say your problem is because windows server 2003 is TCP/IP based, whereas your Netware may be old enough to still be using IPX/SPX

    You need at least Netware version 5.0 to use TCP/IP.

    Alternatively you could load IPX/SPX to the Windows machines, as this is still availbale but not loaded by default in Windows, since W98.
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    Nov 18, 2010
    Thanks studiot.

    maybe a mod can delete the thread?