connecting this T5HO Ballast to my 120V , how to ?

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HI . I just bought this used T5HO fixture and I would appreciate your help connecting it the right way....this light fixture has 4 T5 tubes.

the ballast says it can either work on the 277V to 120V. (I need 120V plz) As you can see on the ballast diagram( please see 1st picture) there is 1 Black wire, 1 White wire and 1 Grey/Red wire. Plus there is a Green wire attached the fixture frame.

my intention was to connect my live ( my Black) to the Black, My neutral ( my white) to the white, and my ground to the Green.
But what about the Grey/Red wire....on the ballast it says to connect to the neutral or any hot ??? not sure what to do now....

what is the proper way to connect this ballast to my 120V plz?

thank you for your help.
Stef, Montreal.