Connecting multiple electronics for a Newbie

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I have a number of atomizers I want to string together. They run on 24V DC and 800 mA. I have never done this before but I do understand the P=IE formula.

From what I can gather I will connect them in parallel. If 24V is being supplied I would use resistors of .03 Ohms to get 800 mA. Right? What is the Amperage I would send through the whole system? Can I run these in Parallel and not lose any thing if I string 10 together? What do I do if I string more? Lastly how do I convert the AC 120v power to an appropriate DC current? I don't want to just buy prepackaged pieces I'd like to learn how to do this. Where do I start so I don't die? Below are further specifics on these atomizers.

  • Supply: DC 24V 800mA
  • Operating frequency: 1700 ± 50 (KHZ)
  • Wire Specifications: Black 3.8mmPVC line, L1400 ± 20mm long
  • Plug Type: Φ 5.5 × 2.1mm female plug


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No, you do not use any resistors. Besides your calculation arriving at 0.03 ohms is off by a factor of 1000.

You need to find out how much current the atomizer takes. Is it 800mA or is the power pack rated for 800mA max? There is a big difference.

The atomizer will take what ever current it needs. It will probably draw no more than 800mA.

If you need to hook up 10 units in parallel you will need a 24VDC supply capable of supplying 8A.

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OK, So I really need to only worry about what the voltage output is from the wall and if there are enough amps. Right?


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You need to get a suitable power supply unit. Do not try to make one for yourself: this is much too dangerous for a beginner. If you are just at the stage of learning how things work in parallel, you should not try building mains power units for yourself.

You will need to make sure the power unit and the cable used to connect the atomizers up are rated for the total current, whatever that may be.