connecting lead wires to strain gauge

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    Hi group,
    I'm in the process of calibrating strain gauge for my project....
    I'm supposed to work with the sensor whichever is available.....I got the" Vishay micromeasurements's SR-4" series gauge of dimensions approximately 6 to 8 mm in length and 4 to 5 mm in breadth..(i think I'm working with FAE series)...the details about the strain gauge and its data sheets are not available from the vendor(no way other than this as I was not able to find a gauge in my location)...all I know was its approximate dimensions and its resistance is 350 ohm,metal foil strain gauge with constantan as strain sensitive(foil) material with polyimide as carrier material....I know only the above said details...

    And my problem is this...
    Since I'm in calibration procedure now I want to connect lead wires to the solder tab in order to connect the gauge in bridge....
    I'm having ordinary lead(Pb) solder- with Teflon wire(very thin,but don't know the exact diameter,but can handle 1A current,but it seems it is suitable to the solder tab) as lead wire,Hakko 936 soldering station...

    My question is,may I proceed soldering the lead wire with above specifications to the gauge?

    Or any other suggestions?

    It's an emergency and I would wholeheartedly be grateful for any sort of help....

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