connecting an avr to a thermal printer

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I need to connect an avr to a thermal printer. I could not find significant information for interfacing serial port . But the parallel port is simple for me. the problem is I can not use two ports of the micro avr (I have limited pins).To Dispel this problem I found an eSpecial interfacing IC Named:(EDE1400 Serial to Parallel-Printer)that takes the Micro Serial data and gives parallel data to printer.
Did anyone ever worked with this IC? could you help me please?
How can I code for serial connection Based on the parallel port of printer?

Parallel working connection is as follows:
(printer has 8 data lines,and we used two control signals,busy and strobe.busy pin is made input and strobe as output.first strobe pin is kept high,data to be printed is obtained at particular port then,low to high transition is given to the strobe.then we keep checking the busy pin,if printer is busy then wait,after it becomes free then send next data.)

I have access to the following printers:


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Using the EDE1400 would be simple you just send data at 2400Baud in ASCII send Carriage Returns and line feeds. The data sheet shows how to set it up and a sample code for the stamp1