Confused with questioin (minimum value for total impedance)

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    Oct 22, 2010
    In an ac series R, L, C circuit, in which R=2K, L=10mH and C = 1uF, the frequency of the source varies between 100 Hz and 15 kH.
    The minimum value for the total impedance in the circuit will be:
    a. ...0

    b. ...1k

    c. ...2k

    d. ...3k

    e. ...4k

    I don't really understand what asked
    What I did is i found total impedance @ 100Hz=2165Ω and total impedance @ 15kHz=2630Ω
    Can someone light me up what do I need to find? Thanks.
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    Mar 6, 2009
    Presumably the series RLC circuit will achieve series resonance at some frequency within the limits 100-15kHz. At that resonance point the circuit will be purely resistive and the answer is then hopefully fairly obvious.

    Check the resonance condition for given L & C first.
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