Confuse between Controller / Interface

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    Jan 5, 2010
    I think I'm confuse the term module, controller and interface. Are these three the same thing? Can someone explain it to me if they have some free time of course.

    I have a school project that need me to connect USB and Ethernet Ports to the microcontroller. There are some people explain me different things and right now I'm a bit lost. Btw, thanks for the explanation.

    If I have a microcontroller that says :
    • One USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbits per second) Device Port
    – On-chip Transceiver, 1352-byte Configurable Integrated FIFOs
    • One Ethernet MAC 10/100 base-T
    – Media Independent Interface (MII) or Reduced Media Independent Interface (RMII)
    – Integrated 28-byte FIFOs and Dedicated DMA Channels for Transmit and Receive

    Do I still need 2 ethernet interface and 2 usb interface to able to connect the components to the microcontroller.

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