conductive adhesive !!

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    Mar 11, 2009
    I have a slight problem with a component on the motherboard of my dell laptop , I was repairing the power socket and I must of knocked moved one of the small ,( I think they are capacitors ) , now I seem to recall awile back that I tried to solder one of these back on and melted the brown stuff that is between the contacts , so I was wondering if that could of been corect !! , I dont want to put the soldering iron to it , to see , maybe someone know's what these are , it only seems to be a thin coating of solder or whatever it is on the sides of this component , anyway I attached a photo of it , ( in position ) .
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    Jul 13, 2008
    With a past vocation in 35mm [ film ] camera repair, I offer this.

    Your local auto supply store, may carry a paint on product that is used to repair the traces of your rear-window defroster.

    I used this in several instances with enormously fragile camera electronic sub-assemblies, where silver, or solder-type traces were laid onto a ceramic substrate, and easily damaged by errant soldering tools.

    It was especially useful in cameras whose controls were made with a gold trace deposited on glass, which would fracture, rendering the control useless.

    Granted, I was dealing with some very tiny currents in these controls, so have no real handle on how much current you could expect this "paint" to withstand, though a defogger has to put up some decent heat to do its thing, so it may be worth a try.
  3. Mass


    Apr 9, 2009
    Conductive adhesive might work, but most likely the joint will soon fail unless you are able to wick the existing solder away before applying the adhesive.

    Another option may be investing in a hot air tool for more precise application of heat for your solder joint repairs.