Computing missing Series-Parallel Circuit values

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Iam officially lost the book Iam reading has this "mid term" gives you some values and wants the rest. Current Resistance and Voltage Drops

I dont have any problems figuring total amps, total resistance as long as i know the the resistance values...

I dont want the answers...I just need some help understanding how to do this.

I scanned the sheet and attached it ...240V 60Hz 40Amp Circuit...

At R-A...40amps 2ohms 80v?
or is 80v the voltage drop?
R-B is in series?!? 40amps 80v(cause thats whats filled in) 2ohms??
R-C is in series...40amps 80v 2ohms?? complete the circuit 240v 40amps 6ohms?? Or is that allllll wrong???

Of that circuit thats all i can make since of

The E-branch....How do you calculate Resistance and Amps only knowing there is 60v there??
R-F 2ohms(filled in for you) 40amps 80v?? right or wrong

I've twisted, contorted and boggled myself with this for an ungodly amount of time, its drivin me nuts.

I've looked around online for help and everything else is pie...200ohms here 146ohms here 600ohms here 10ohms here....wats the total resistance....OMG!!!! come on...

Someone Please help...for the love of......EVERYTHING I would greatly appreciate it :D:D:D:D:D



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This is an exercise of your knowledge of KVL and KCL. You should fill in the chart as much as you can with the information you know, then use KVL, KCL, and Ohm's law to fill in the rest.

Redraw the circuit as necessary to make it clear to you. See if the attachment helps.


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