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  1. Mathematics!

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    Jul 21, 2008
    I have this old dell computer

    I am wondering what this
    TAD connector J6B1 on the mobo is for I tried connect it to my sound card ... what I was hoping to use it for is I have a V.92 fax/voice/data modem but I don't have the ability to play out my stero port on my sound card the actually phone conversation ...(it would be nice since I would have a built in intercom instead of the V.92 being used as a fax or answering machine

    I looked up TAD = telephone answering device
    Note my fax V.92 modem doesn't have a green TAD connector on the side of the PCI card but my sound card does...

    So I am just wondering if I can somehow run that 4 pin cord from the TAD to the TAD on the soundcard but it didn't work , I am curious what this TAD is used for in this mobo....

    Maybe it is the onboard soundcard that it corosponds to or something and I have to turn some bios sound setting to get it to work.............ahahha

    Any help would be great. Always wondered about that connector on this MOBO (system board)???????

    The only other connectors I don't know fully what they are for on this mobo is
    Control Panel Connector J7J2
    Front Panel I/O Connector J9G1
    Curious if they are needed and what purpose they are serving....
    What I believe the control panel connector is for is just when you push on the on button on the front of the machine it turns the computer on and lights up the LEDs wondering though if you can hardware it so when you just touch to wires it turns on the computer.... ( believe it is the blue and orange that would do it :) would be cool to beable to turn it on with an embedded microcontroller or a wireless device once I figure out the exact wires.

    As for J9G1 I don't know what the purpose is looks like it is doing nothing their is a wire just running from the white 10pin connector on my pci soundcard back to that connector and I think it goes to the front of the machine (their is a sound stero port their )
    So maybe this is just providing the stereo port on the front of the computer with the output when I plug headphones or speaker into it....
    I bet that is what it is for ....though I would like to know if their is away to have the stereo ports get output from the soundcard whenever both are plugged in.... (currently and in the passed it is always been that you only get the output to go to the front stereo port if it is plugged in or if it is not plugged in it goes to the soundcards stereo port)...
    would be cool if I could have it go to multiple stereo ports at the same time...?

    Thanks for any input
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  2. R!f@@

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Seems you like to fiddle with mobo's.
    To answer a long q short.
    Yes you can get multiple stereo outputs from souncard.
    Yes you can use a uC to turn on ur PC.

    The TAD is used in conjunction with another peripheral of the board.
    say for example....automatic fax receive during power saving mode.
    TAD is hardly used nowadays.
  3. BMorse

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    Sep 26, 2009
    J7J2 Front Panel Connector = Connections for HDD LED, Power LED, Power Switch, reset Switch, etc...

    J9G1 Front Panel IO connector = Connections for mic, headphones, line in, possibly a front USB port also...

    B. Morse
  4. Mathematics!

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    Jul 21, 2008
    BMorse your exactly correct I also have a usb port on the front of the computer as well as a stereo port.

    Well currently when ever I try to plug my speakers into the stereo jack on the front of the machine the soundcard stereo jacks don't get sound....
    I would like the ability to have it coming out of both stereo ports at the same time .... do you know if this is a bios setting or if I have to add another wire to a connector or move a jumper / wire ....etc
    How basically?

    For turning off/on my computer by touching a wire I think I figured that out... for this particular model the J7J2 connector has 6 wires 2 for led for power , 2 for led for HDD , and 2 for the on button (their is no reset button it is one of those hold in to turn off/on)

    As for the TAD connector on the mobo I am still confused on it's operation wasn't it to provide sound from a V.92 modem or other device that had this green TAD connector to the soundcard so you could here sound coming from your modem/TAD device out your soundcard to some external speakers or something.... ( their is so onboard sound jacks in the back of the computer I haven't tried yet maybe those will do it )

    That is the only use I can think of but maybe I am wrong haven't got this connector to really do anything for me yet ?????


    Also is their a pinout for J7J2 Front Panel Connector , J9G1 Front Panel IO connector , TAD connector (4pin)
    Curious what is coming out of each pin/wire
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  5. BMorse

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    Sep 26, 2009
    1) This is a hardware setting, the front jack is basically a pass through device to the rear speaker output, once you connect a headphone, it will physically disconnect the line out on the back..... sometimes motherboards will have a group of jumpers to disable this feature and allow you to do what you want.... but I do not see that in the motherboard layout diagram you posted....

    2) Usually the power switch only requires a momentary connection to ground to power it up, the holding in the power button to turn it on or off should be controlled in your BIOS under ACPI settings, this should be configurable to a 4 sec hold before power down, instant off, or hibernate, etc.

    3) The TAD input (technical audio devices) on the motherboard most likely will work with on board audio built into the motherboard, if you are using a soundcard that is in one of the expansion slots such as a PCI slot, the TAD input on your mobo will not work, you will have to use the onboard audio controller for that particular TAD to work, (You will have to remove the PCI soundcard for this to work, and enable onboard audio in the BIOS, if the mobo is equipped with it, sometimes the mobo manufacturer will make provisions for something on a board but not fully populate the components for it to function, they will usually release the fully populated one as a "deluxe" model).

    In order for you to get sound out of your modem into your sound card, you will have to have a line out on the modem and a line in on the soundcard, connect these together, in order for them to hear you, you will have to have a mic installed.

    4) If you can post the make and model of the motherboard I might be able to get the pinouts for you....

    All dells have a reset button, I have not seen one without it..... they are not that stable to where they would not need one... it might not be that visible, it could be just a small pinhole, where a tip of a pen fits into.....
    B. Morse
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  6. BMorse

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    Sep 26, 2009
    here is the J7J2 connector pinout (I believe it is correct, )

    J7J2 Connector Pinouts.png

    B. Morse
  7. Mathematics!

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    Jul 21, 2008
    For the TAD question
    I have a dell dimension 4600

    I have looked everywhere for a jumper but the only jumper they have on this mobo is for the bios to reset the password ,...etc you know the one that all computers usually have.

    Other then that the mobo diagram on the link list everything except the physical chips , caps , resistor , ossilator ,...etc that you cann't manipulate physically.

    As for the green TAD line on the mobo I am try to understand this
    Is this input or output does sound get output from this or input to this.
    Because if it is input and tied directly to the onboard stereo jack then anything audio device I plug in to the TAD line will make it so the sound goes out thru the speakers connected to the onboard soundcard which is connected to the TAD line..?
    Or is it the audio comes in thru the onboard soundcard and goes thru the TAD line to a different device connected to the TAD?
    Basically is this TAD 4pin jack input or output jack???

    Also because their is no jumpers for making the sound go to both soundcards at the same time... like you said their must be a bios setting or interrupt setting IRQ I can use ? How? Am I able to do it thru the os or must it be set in the bios. The onboard sound is on and working.

    Also does anybody have the pinout for the J9G1 that would help as well?

    Also how do I get you the mobo make and model would this be listed in the bios somewhere? Since I don't see a sticker saying anything on the mobo about that I do see a few sticker on it one saying Dell REV.A02
    and the other with a long DS/N number ...etc
    I am not willing to unscrew the 12 screws and take everything out to flip it over to see if their is additional stickers on it ...etc

    If not I can always pause the bios screen and right down the numbers for you.... I will do this when I get a chance to shut this machine down.

  8. SgtWookie


    Jul 17, 2007
    Your drives are stale. Magnetic media has a useful life of about 5-7 years.

    Odds are that your system is trying to load drivers from areas on your HDD that have not been accessed for a long time, and those areas are "stale".

    I suggest that you start by purchasing SpinRite, from Gibson Research.
    It is not cheap, but it is a VERY powerful tool. It cannot fix all HDD problems. Read the documentation.

    It may take days for SpinRite to recover data from your HDD. Be patient, and do not interrupt the process.

    I understand that patience is not a virtue of yours. However, in this case, it's worth the wait.

    Following instructions is somewhat ironically not a virtue that you possess. However, in this case, you must follow the provided instructions. If you do not, you risk losing everything on the drives.

    If you are not willing to follow the instructions to the letter, do not purchase SpinRite.
  9. Mathematics!

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    Jul 21, 2008
    O, your talking about my HDD ? thread.
    I was able to get all the files off of it and use it as a secondary drive in this computer but I cann't use it as a primary if I take out the primary HDD that is what I found out. Basically it cann't be bootable because the OS crashes when loading but it is ok when loading in the other machine and works their fine

    So it would probably work if I reinstalled the OS on this harddrive while I had it in this computer to being with. Maybe it was different drivers where installed on the harddrive and not the proper ones when moving it to the other computer hardware .... I am 99% sure that is what it is and reinstalling would clear it up. It is either that or like you said some bad sectors that the system files are on.... (though since it works on the other computer right now and I am able to use it on this computer as a secondary non-bootable HDD I am thinking it must be some hardware drive that isn't their or something.

    Either way thanks for the link I will use it if I ever run into a semi-broke HDD where some data can still be recovered.

    Lets keep this thread on the MOBO ? If that is ok
    I am more than willing to go into details about the HDD ? on the HDD ? thread

    Thanks you guys rock
    Didn't know that about magnetic drives though nice to know I have some really old stuff that I may start putting on a secondary backup like a cd/dvd or an external HDD drive just incase.