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1. a pair of net admins goes into a room that they had installed 20 apples in 180 days later there gone. they investigate any witneses and the security cameras finding nothing. one user likes apples the other likes windows. the apple guy is like what is going on the other says folow me i know. they go to there server room where the active directory domain controler is located. they find them in the trash can. the apple guy is like why the other guy says the domain contropler saw apples as junk and they were tombstoned. then deleted after 180 days when the tombstone expired.
2. i have a UDP joke but i dont know if you will get it.
3. i have a tcp joke and i know you will get it
4. a dhcp discover packet standing on the street corner says hello hello hello
5. a ipV6 packet walks in a bar nobody talks to him.
6. a pair of jumper cables walk in a bar asks for a beer. berkeep says i'm sorry but i can't serve you. he says why i won't start anything.
7. a DHCP packet goes to a bar asks for a beer and gets one the bartender sys ok but i'll ned it back in an hour.
8. a DNS reverse lookup packet with an ip adress of enters a space shuttle ready for launch. the astronats are like we don't need or want you then one says he needs to go to a blackhole. so they throw him in a black hole as they go by one.
(the black hole is suposed to represent a blackhole server, ARGH)