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    Jul 21, 2008
    Ok, I am think of taking some computer certification exams.

    I am more interested in computer hardware exams.
    I have been doing alot of the A+ exams

    I am wondering if I can pass all these A+ exams is their any high certification for hardware out their then these.

    Most people I have talk to say if you can do well on the A+ exams then that is a major plus to have this certification.

    Anyway I was wondering if for computer hardware the A+ exams where the big ones.

    Also I have looked and CompTIA offers network+ and security+ as well as A+.

    I am just wondering would it be better to take cisco route (CCNA, CCENT,..etc) for networking/security exams.... Are these cisco exams harder and carry more weight then network+/security+ CompTIA exams?

    If I wanted to be at the highest certification in networking and security which certification exams should I take ( are the hardest , care the most weight ,...etc)

    And is their any other computer hardware exam compareable or harder then A+ exams.

    So a recap basically what are the highest or most hardest most recognized certifications for security and networking.

    Would CISSP be harder then security+ ? (which exams are most relevent for computer hardware,security,networking?)

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    Jul 21, 2008
    would it be best to get these 3
    comptia A+ , network+ , (security+ or CISSP)

    cisco seems to me a little over kill to go thru all of it.
    If your not going to specialize in something.

    I am more about having the ability to have alot of options so if I get bored of doing one I can switch to another aspect....

    And my resume will still look pretty good for it.

    The microsoft certification,redhat ,ibm,oracle,...etc exams are pointless for me since I have been doing all of this for quite sometime ... so my resume shows the equivalent of these and more....

    But I never got indepth with security, hardware , networking aspects.
    Note I am good with all these except it would be nice to show it on a resume instead of telling them I know this.
    These exams seem like the best ones because they are vendor independent and last forever.

    But let me know what you think the best ones are curious for others opinons